Disposable isolation clothing

Disposable isolation clothing

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Material: non woven fabric

Specification: 30g-65g

Style: reverse cover

Process: sewing or ultrasonic heat sealing process

Shelf life: 2 years

Product efficacy: protective use in medical institutions

Scope of application: hospital, beauty, epidemic prevention, quality inspection, chemical industry, etc

Color: blue, yellow, white, etc

Storage: dry, closed light and heat proof storage

Product introduction

It is made of skin friendly non-woven polypropylene, which has been tested for harmful substances. It is made of latex free rubber with high aggregation design. All materials are tested to ensure that the highest quality and performance laws are superior to regulatory requirements. The isolation clothing is a back opening, which can cover the trunk and clothing to form a physical barrier for the spread of microorganisms and other substances. It is widely used in hospitals, cosmetology, epidemic prevention, quality inspection, chemical industry, etc.



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