disposable protective clothing, non sterile

disposable protective clothing, non sterile

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Model: one piece hood without shoe cover

Specification: s, m, l, XL, XXL, XXXL

Use object:

It is used by medical staff in medical institutions to prevent the transmission of virus from patients to medical staff with air or liquid.

Product performance and structure composition:

This product is mainly composed of hooded top, trousers, rubber strip and back collar logo. It is mainly made of high-density polyethylene fiber fabric, which is made of Hooded one-piece structure and sealed by rubber strip.

usage method:

1. Please select and confirm the protection model before use.

2. The protective clothing suitable for your size should be selected according to your figure.

3. Put on the protective clothing to ensure the entrance guard is closed in good condition. Please decide whether to wear

other protective equipment as required. If the face, hand / foot wrist and other openings are sealed with tape, the protection effect will be better.

Precautions, warnings and suggestive contents:

1. Please read the manual carefully before use.

2. Before use, please strictly follow the use and use restrictions of medical protective clothing high-density polyethylene fiber fabric rubber strip. Users should judge whether the product is suitable for specific occasions by themselves. If the use occasions exceed the use and use restrictions of the product, we do not make any guarantee for this, nor assume any responsibility related to this.

3. Please avoid direct sunlight.

4. This product is melted at 135 ℃, please keep away from heat source and open fire when using.

5. This product is disposable. Please handle it according to the requirements of biosafety prevention regulations after use.

6. It is forbidden for those allergic to polyethylene fabric.

7. This product is a sterilized package. If the package is damaged, please do not use it. Before wearing, please check the protective clothing visually. If there is damage, discoloration, pollution and other conditions, please do not wear it.

8. The product shall not be used beyond the validity period.

Effective date: only for use during epidemic emergency period

Production date / batch No.: see label

Storage and transportation conditions: please avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature in a cool and dry place.

Explanation of labels, signs, symbols, abbreviations, etc


Name of registrant / manufacturer: Nanchang Jingzhao Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Adress: No.318, Gong Ye 1LU(South), Xiaolan Economy Development Zone, Nanchang, JiangXi, China.


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