KN95 Mask (Non medical)

KN95 Mask (Non medical)

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Specification: 15.5 * 10.5cm

Executive standard: GB 2626-2006

Inspection: qualified

Test: Qualified

Product performance: PFE ≥ 95%, reaching kn95 level.

Product performance: PFE≥95%, reaching KN95 level.

Raw materials: non woven fabric 54%, meltblown fabric 24.5%, hot air cotton 21.5%

Raw Material: 54% non woven fabric 24.5% melt blown 21.5% air cotton.

Validity: 2 years

Product performance:

This product is made of PP non-woven fabric, melt blown cloth, nose clip, hanging belt and so on. Through the mask forming, pressing, edge cutting, ear band spot welding, nose beam line fitting, packaging, sterilization, analysis (EO sterilization), packaging and other manufacturing processes. It can filter the particles in the air and block the droplets. It can be used for basic protection.

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